How a Fitness Focus Helps Actor Prepare for Their Roles

The Perks of Being an Actor

dwayne-johnson-body-2015-wallpaper-1-600x602Many people think that being a theatrical, television, and movie actor is as easy as combing hair and brushing teeth. A few, especially aspiring actors, are aware that for them to be able to portray their character well, they have to read a long script and memorize lines or dialogues. Maintaining a good body physique is also important for them to look good on stage or camera as well as move around the scene or theater and perform stunts. The possibilities of fulfilling such duties and responsibilities are easier through a tremendous amount of discipline and focus.

The Similarities of Fitness Training and Acting

It is a fact that most popular movie actors have bodies that most men want to have and women are infatuated with. We all know that the figure they have now is hard to achieve and maintain without having to go through continuous and laborious fitness training sessions. However, simply attending a fitness course, jogging, running, and performing simple exercises that you see online are not enough for you to be able to have a beautiful body. Just like acting, you also need focus and discipline.

The Difficulty of and Solution to Maintaining Focus

Halle-Berry-Bikini-Arm-WorkoutBeing and staying focused is and will never be easy when you do not have determination, discipline, and support. Being distracted, either internally or externally, is human nature. People usually get distracted by love and leisure time. Nowadays, the increase in the sources of distraction is attributed to the development of cellphones, tablets, and the likes as well as vices like alcohol and drugs. Even the most experienced and popular actors have also lost their focuses on their careers. Looking into this, apart from their professionalism, how do some famous movie actors, such as Tom Cruise and George Clooney, are still being able to stay focused?

Apart from having a supportive family, friend, and partner, personal trainers from different fitness centers like Soul Fitness will agree that they have a big part in helping actors develop and maintain their attention. How is this possible? Enrolling in a training session guided by a professional personal trainer  will develop your fitness focus because you have someone who reminds you of your goals and fallbacks. They also make you stick to the schedule and plan provided. Thus, being distracted is not an option for them.

Fitness Focus and Role Preparation

The fitness focus that is established and sustained is carried out by a person to his everyday life and work, which is acting for actors. Being able to achieve the body the he wants through fitness focus, an actor begins to see the importance of incorporating it in his job. He starts to set and stick to his goal, which is portraying his role and learning his lines because he knows that for every difficulty, there is a reward waiting. He becomes more attentive on himself and work since he learned that when you miss something, you have start over again.

How Celebrities Like Will Smith Stay in Such Great Shape

will_smith181The abundance of great actors and celebrities are evident with the continued production of outstanding and extremely entertaining films. And sometimes we wonder, how do they stay in shape despite having a lot of commitments and tasks to attend to? For ordinary people like us, squeezing in some time to work out is a struggle, especially when we have to spend long hours at work. But really, how do these beautiful people stay fit under all circumstances? Let’s take a look at one of the world’s best actor, rapper and producer, Will Smith.

He is known for the movies that definitely made a hit in the cinemas like I Am Legend, Ali, Hancock, Seven Pounds and more. If you look at his body build in those movies, they are varying according to his roles and that doesn’t happen over night. It takes tremendous discipline and willpower to stick to a certain diet and exercise routine. Here are some bits and pieces of his workout routine that maybe you can somehow incorporate into your own as well.


A certain physique and built has to be earned and worked for. Will Smith takes a high protein and high carbohydrate diet to help him get the most out of his workout. This also aids in the muscle repair needed for the process. He basically takes 6-8 small meals a day with a variety of some healthy sources of carbohydrates and protein shakes. His diet is a part of his lifestyle design, it’s not just something he does for a short period of time. This is a diet that he takes on even in real life. He cuts down on junk food and processed food to make sure he gets the best out of the other healthy options available. His dedication and adherence to this diet is evident in his great figure plus his good health condition.


Will Smith believes that hard work will take you far. He runs at least 5 miles for 6 days in a week. And he also maximizes his time in fitness centers like Thrive Fitness to take boxing twice a week. He also endures a strength training where he lifts weights for 5 days a week. From varied bench press exercises to pull ups, he also follows a HIIT routine to improve his cardiovascular strength and lose excess fat.A brief workout summary is also followed.

For the chest area, he does a combination of bench presses, inclined dumbbell presses, machine fly and push ups. Triceps area, he does a series of skull crushers, triceps pull downs, triceps kickbacks and bench dips. And lastly, for his biceps, he does a set of hammer curls, dumbbell curls and concentration curls.

As you can see, Will Smith’s fitness journey is not easy as it seems. He and other renowned celebrities work very hard with their personal trainers to achieve their health and fitness goals. That just proves that no matter how impossible things are at first, with enough discipline and drive, they can be achievable.





Why Toronto Area Celebrities are Buying Property in Burlington

Spencer_Smith_Park_in_Burlington,_OntarioFrom the top of my head, if you had the money, why wouldn’t you buy property in Burlington? This place is located near the great Lake Ontario, Niagara Escarpment, and the Royal Botanical Gardens getting you closer to nature than any other parts of the Greater Toronto area. It also boasts of beautiful golf courses as well.

Industries are also booming in the area which why it has seen a rise in population density reaching over 8 million residents. It also boasts a lively culture with wonderful events like the Canada Largest Ribfest and Sound of Music Festival plus they have the famous the Art Gallery of Burlington and the beautiful Spencer Smith Park.

The real estate industry is growing at high rate recently especially the high-end homes. Statistics have shown that dating back to 2013 the number of properties bought in the high-end market have risen significantly in comparison to growth in the past.

A high-end house typically has a minimum price of $750,000. It is quite astonishing considering that the number of units sold for these properties have risen by the hundreds in recent years. Celebrities and affluent families in the Toronto area are mostly responsible for this increase.

This demand was facilitated by low property inventory and interest rates. It was also found out that housing refugee from the Toronto area pushed the demand for high end properties further up. But, the upward sales trend was mainly because buyers think the interest rates they offered were practical.

On average, an upper-class home in Burlington would cost you $931,000. The steady growth was unexpected to say the least because there was almost a 200% sales growth and almost 500 homes were sold last year.

Looking at the sales numbers, one-quarter of the buyers of these high-end properties had addresses in the city of Toronto. Many of these buyers would first look at the property listings in the city, and then they’d explore possible options in the Burlington area.Downtown_St._Catharines_Skyline_2016

Many realtors are not surprised by the fact that wealthy buyers are looking to Burlington mansions when they want to buy property. They attribute the activity in the market to the baseline prices they think are bargains compared to other areas in Greater Toronto.

The real estate market in Canada has received substantial gains in equity as well which is why properties are being sold at these prices. An improved economy and better performing stock markets in the US have also contributed to the rise in demand.

A lot of Canadians have also reached the millionaire ranks in the recent years. The latest data showed that in 2012 there are now almost 300,000 millionaires in the country which is roughly a 6.5% increase compared to the 2011 number.

A lot of potential clients gave offers for properties priced under $1 million. The number of sold properties around this price range made up the 33% of upper-end property sales which explains why the market was hot.

Luxury condominiums and mansions made up the remaining property sales for the year. There were also several multi-million estates sold in the market. The real estate market remains hot and this house buying trend is still expected to continue as long as prices hover around the same range.

That Winning Smile

Beautful Dentist SmileFrom screen actors to mainstream musicians, there is one focus that seems to be universally recognized as essential – the smile. Your mouth and teeth are a focus point for many people you’re communicating with – just as much as your eyes. Celebrities recognize the need to have well-kept teeth and a winning smile.

Actors Smile – An Integral Part of The Role

For actors, especially, teeth are critically important. While a particular actor’s teeth don’t have to be perfectly straight – (who doesn’t love Kirsten Dunst’s adorable crooked smile?) – they do need to appear well cared for and free of chips or unsightly stains. Overlaps and gaps don’t ruin teeth – but cavities, excessive yellowing, and cracks and breaks certainly do. With so many close-ups and footage of their faces, an actor must carefully maintain their teeth and follow and routine of dental care similar to the care they take of their skin and hair.

High-profile politicians must also carefully maintain their teeth and smile. The most genuine and good-hearted speech can be ruined when delivered from the mouth of someone who hasn’t cared for his or her teeth. Any politician who wants to reach his constituents knows the importance of straight teeth and an honest smile.

Pop music stars are in a slightly different category of celebrity, but also must have good teeth. Any mainstream music star featured in music videos or on live video at concerts is subject to having their mouths up close and in front of a huge audience. Dental care and a great smile are crucial to allowing the viewers to appreciate the words coming from the musician’s mouths without getting distracted by crooked teeth or coffee-stains. It’s important to note that celebrities will often spend a lot of money on orthodontic surgery. In fact the booming film industry in North of the border has made Vancouver an Orthodontics hotspot.

Any one in the spotlight – anyone of celebrity status – faces getting his or her picture taken on a regular basis. The dental care and oral hygiene that any celebrity puts into his or her teeth is apparent from any snap shot or internet photo from an awards show or press conference. A great smile is one of the first thing a person notices about another person, so a celebrity, who is the focus of so many people, must take extra care to make sure they present their best at all times.

From conveying honesty to openness, from looking playful to mysterious, the smile is how we express who we are to those around us. Actors, politicians, musicians, and important figures across the country show their personalities, character, and friendliness through their smile and teeth.

Thrive Fitness: Personal Trainers of Celebrities Everywhere

Celebrities need to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the society and media. Therefore, it’s important for them to hire personal trainers to provide their fitness needs. The fitness industry has grown over the past few years. This is why there are so many available celebrity fitness trainers around. Here’s a list of the most popular and in demand celebrity trainers.

Harley Pasternak

a62e95bd1af803158bb94075ce82dc7ff4a97f82Harley Pasternak is one of the most popular celebrity trainers. He is a Toronto native and took his Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto. Currently, he is residing in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.

Pasternak had trains Halle Berry, Rihanna, Robert Downey Jr., Katy Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Hilary Duff.

He is the writer of the New York Times best-selling books entitled The Body Reset Diet, The Five factor Diet, and 5 pounds.

Tracy Anderson

hqdefaultTracy Anderson was born in Noblesville, Indiana, United States. She is the daughter of Diana Ephlin, a well-known dance instructor. She initially dreamed to be a professional dancer, but after gaining 35 pounds after moving to New York, she abandoned her dream.

Including in the list of her clients are Kim Kardashian, Nicole Rihie, Shakira, Courtney Cox, the Gylenhall siblings, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Greene and Jennifer Lopez.

Anderson is known for the so called Tracy Anderson Method, characterized by moving the body a lot, most especially the smaller accessory muscles. She had her big break when Gwyneth Paltrow became believable.

Now, Paltrow and Anderson became business partners.

Nicole Winhoffer

downloadNicole Winhoffer was a professional dancer. She was born and raised in New York with a Filipino mother and a German father.

Nicole Winhoffer’s method, known as NW method, claims to free yourself mentally and physically towards having a fitter and healthier self. The method aims to introduce consciousness and create personal freedom in creating a healthy and fit lifestyle design. The NW method includes a 55-minute workout to have every muscle of your body to work effectively in tune with the beat. She studies sports and combine the effective methods to her knowledge as a dancer to create a perfect combination of workout.

Included in Winhoffer’s lists of celebrity clients are Madonna, Mya, Stella McCartney, Trudie Styller, Rachel Weisz, Andrea Riseborough, Josie Natori, and Abbie Cornish.

David Kirsch

david-kirsch-und-sein-minuten-workout_448x338David Kirsch is a trainer and wellness advocate who believes that the key to achieving true fitness is having the discipline in one’s exercise, diet and supplementary routine.

He is the author or various books, including the best-selling book titled One of a Kind Supplements. His books include ways to know how to create a diet suitable to one’s lifestyle. He also created several fitness DVDs illustrating proper methods in effective exercising.

Kirsch is the person behind Kate Upton’s gorgeous bodily achievements. Thus, he is also known to be the “Butt Guy”. After knowing the proper nutritional diet and form of exercise, Kirsch transformed Upton into becoming the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Other celebrities trained by Kirsch include Liv Tyler, Heidi Klum, and Anne Hathaway.

His holistic approach in achieving fitness, including his specialized dietary supplements keeps him in the top list of celebrity trainers.

Ashley Borden

6DEou4o2Ashley Borden is a wellness and lifestyle specialist who aims to battle the unfit and unhealthy lifestyle. She inculcates to her clients that change in lifestyle requires great inner motivation.

Borden helped a number of celebrities achieve their fitness goals; one of them is UFC Champion Matt Hughes. Borden did not actually handle his workout or training, rather, she helped him design his food pattern. She helped him create a diet that is more suitable in his professional career.

Borden has worked with Hollywood’s stars, counting Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

Besides having a beauty routine and other ways to enhance it such as tanning, celebrities hire their very own personal trainers. Follow the profiles of these celebrity fitness experts and personal trainer Burnaby and learn how to get fit by yourself. They have done well in their field and you are sure to learn a thing or two from them.

Celebrity Craze: Paddleboarding

Have you seen several celebrities who recently are posting their photos on top of a paddleboard? Many celebrities are now starting to join the latest paddleboarding craze.  Obviously, there’s something about paddleboarding that makes it very popular with the many celebrities all over the world. Many of them are spotted enjoying this water activity very much.

There are many possible reasons why paddleboarding has now become the latest celebrity craze. There are many reasons why some celebrities would spend their day paddling through the water. Other than the excitement that it brings, it is absolutely an effective way to get fit and strong.

Paddleboarding and Celebrities

During summer season you’ll see tons of celebrities paddling in the many beautiful waters all over the world. It is an obvious proof that stand-up paddleboarding already had taken the celebrity world. Many celebrities love the challenge of keeping a good balance on top of the best paddleboard. There are many reasons why paddleboarding and celebrities are making a good connection.

Paddleboarding can be done anytime and anywhere with water. Thus, there’s no location and time limitation. So whether you do it on the lake, river or sea, you can still enjoy paddleboarding. Stand-up paddleboarding is also an exciting way to exercise. You will be able to achieve the fitness, balance and the core strength that you need with paddleboarding, thus, no more boring moments inside the gym for celebrities.

It is also an amazing way for celebrities to enjoy weekends and holidays. And it’s such a perfect outdoor recreation for those who need some time out and enjoying the heat of the sun. Since celebrities need to maintain their amazing bodies, they can use paddleboarding as an amazing way to stay outdoors, getting visible to the fans and most of all, keeping their body fit and sexy.


Why Stand-up Paddleboarding

With all the many outdoor water sports, why paddleboarding? Have you asked the same question? What makes it the latest celebrity craze? The sport itself is easy and fun to do. Unlike any other sports, it doesn’t require too much energy. You just have to learn the art of keeping a good balance and make sure that you don’t fall out of the board.

The best part of doing paddleboarding often is it keeps your body fit and strong. It targets your core, giving you the kind of power and strength that you need. It is even considered as a low impact workout that doesn’t wear you out, but still giving you the ability to lose some weights and maybe some abs over the period of time.

Paddleboarding Celebrities Spotted


Some of the celebrities spotted enjoying paddleboarding, Matthew McConaughey, Pierce Brosnan, Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Hudson and a whole lot more. This proves that many celebrities love the sport very much. It is such great way to enjoy the outdoors and heat of the sun, while getting the chance to exercise in a most amazing way. So if you are putting some interest with paddleboarding, it’s your turn. Be like your favorite celebrity, ride your own best SUP!

Celebrities Use Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

Have you ever wondered about what beauty products your favorite celebrities are using? You might think that with their beautiful and younger looking skin, they’re probably using some expensive brands. Or they might have regular sessions with a popular dermatologist.  That can be true. But do you know that many celebrities are also using some natural and organic alternatives to maintain their beauty and healthy skin?

There are so many beauty products coming out in the market these days. And all of them are claiming that they can help you achieve a healthier skin. But just like some celebrities, using natural products like essential oils can be safer for your skin.

essential oil

Using Essential Oils

More and more people are now starting to see the benefits of using essential oils. These oils can bring healing; promote a healthy body and skin. Essential oils obviously serve a lot of purpose to our life. It can bring healing from head to toe. Some oils are also used as disinfectants which can be used to keep your home clean and safe. Essential oils are also safe for kids and even for pets. You just have to make sure that you know how to create the right blend of oils.

 Essential Oils for your Skin

With the many different kinds of essential oils, many of them are known to help promote a healthier and beautiful skin. That’s the main reason why more and more celebrities are using it. For instance, if you have a natural oily skin, you can use cypress and jojoba oils. Lavender and geranium are good for breakouts and blemishes. They can be directly applied to the area. For dry skin, cedarwood and chamomile can help to deeply moisturize your skin. And instead of using some expensive anti-aging products in the market, argan oil and rose hip oil is there to help you. These oils can help to prevent sagging and wrinkles.

Celebrities Using Essential Oils

You probably have seen many celebrities endorsing a different line of essential oils. Many of them even admit that they have been using essential oils to relieve stress and to maintain a healthier skin. There are many reasons why celebrities would trust using essential oils. One of the reasons is that they are safer and natural way of keeping their skin healthy. Unlike other products in the market, the essential oils don’t contain harmful chemicals. These oils were extracted directly from leaves, plants and flowers. Thus, they are natural and organic oils and very safe to use. No wonder, celebrities would trust to use essential oils for their health and beauty.

Face of woman with flower

Tips about Essential Oils

If you might be interested about using essential oils, it is important that you have the best ideas about how to use them right. For instance, if you would want to create a good blend of beauty oils, you need to put the right proportion of oils. You can find some mixing tips online which will help you how to make the right blend of oils that can give you the results that you need. Remember, essential oils are safe to use, but they can’t be as effective if you don’t know how to use them right.

Is Paddle Boarding a Celebrity Craze?

If you are a fan, you definitely don’t want to be left behind about what’s happening in your favorite celebrity’s life. What is he doing or what’s the latest about him? With the advent of social media these days, it’s just as easy as following your favorite celebrity on Twitter and Instagram. Then boom! You’ll be able to know what he is up to, fresh and real time.

During the summer season, have you noticed that more and more celebrities are trying out paddleboarding? You definitely see lots of celebrities posting photos of them on top of the paddleboard. With that, you might wonder, is paddleboarding a new celebrity craze?

Celebrity Summer

Summer season is absolutely a time when you can see numbers of celebrities spending their time out at the beach. So if you want to spot a celebrity, you can absolutely go to some popular and celebrity-favorite beaches and you’ll get what you want. It is also during the summer season where you can see lots of them trying out some new and exciting water sports. It is maybe because summer is a perfect time to indulge and feel the heat of the sun.

Paddleboarding for Celebrities?

Some of the popular celebrities spotted doing paddleboarding are Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts. With that, you probably get curious about what makes paddleboarding such a most-try water sports with many celebrities. Is it really that exciting?


There might be something about paddleboarding that makes it even more popular to celebrities. Literally, celebrities love it. Clearly, stand-up paddleboarding offer tons of benefits, both physically and emotionally. And that’s something that makes it a fast growing water sports all over the world.

What is Paddleboarding?

So much about how it became a celebrity craze, it is important that you have a good idea what paddleboarding is. How and where you can actually try it. Stand-up paddleboarding is a water sport that is very similar to surfing where you have to literally stand up on top of the board while paddling through the water.

It started in Hawaii and it continuously spreads out all over the world. Many find paddleboarding a perfect way to enjoy the heat of the sun and losing some weight at the same time. Some are also using it to tour around an island or a river easy and fast. It works for everyone, for all walks of life, even for pets.

Finally, is it the latest celebrity craze?

Maybe it is. The trend of paddleboarding seems to be so unstoppable. Since more and more celebrities are actually trying it, many people are also putting some interest on it. We can’t deny that we all are always looking up to the celebrities that we adore. And we wanted to do what they do as much as we can. And this paddle boarding craze is no exception.

So you want to try out this new celebrity craze? Make sure that you find the best spot to paddle board. Then see why more and more celebrities love the sport. Try it now, and have that celebrity feel!

The Celebrity Tan

tannedThroughout the history of showbiz, tanning had been an in and out fad. In the past, tanned skin was only for the working class because of frequent exposure to the sun. Ladies were trying to maintain their pale or fair complexion that was why their clothes were designed to cover most part of their bodies. However, due to specific famous people who accidentally got tanned, the enduring popularity of tan emerges.   At present tan has become a trend among celebrities and most fans try to adopt their “caramels” or bronzed-colored skin. You look up to them so much that they inspire you to have the same. But do you ever wonder why most of the celebrities prefer to look tanned? There is probably more reason to that. So here’s what I discovered:

Tan makes the muscles looked more toned

Celebrities are always concerned of how they like precisely because they are public figures. Tanning makes the muscles more defined and enhances contour which gives the illusion of being more fit and fab.

Tan makes you look younger

Age is a big issue in showbiz, maintaining a youthful look is very essential for celebrities to stay in the game. Having that sun-kissed skin hides skin discolorations and skin marks brought by ageing. Basically, tan makes you appear younger because it lessens age spots and the like.

Tan gives the natural healthy look

Unless celebrities are sunburned or had too much indoor tanning, they really look best with that healthy summer colored look. That bronzed glow really suits most of the gorgeous ladies of the showbiz world such as Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and a lot more.

Tan makes you appear thinner

Tanned skin makes you look thinner basically because of the illusion that it brings, according to some makeup artists, dark complexion absorbs more light making you appear thinner while on the other hand if a person has a fair or pale complexion, light tends to reflect making you more flat and wider.

These are few reasons why celebrities prefer to look tanned. Although, they don’t all go out to have sun bathing, because remember there are some damaging effects brought by too much sun, and instead of looking good, the opposite thing may happen-they may look older, unhealthy, ugly-looking. Some of them goes to tanning salons, uses tanning products and even have their own makeup artist to spray on tanning makeup. Nevertheless, most of them prefer to look tan, although not all of them look good with it.

A trend or a fad may not always be suited for everyone, the essential matter is being yourself, have that unique characteristics that shows who you really are. You may be admiring some celebrities but you don’t have to be like them. Always remember, you have your own choice, though celebrities prefer to look tan, it is still your preference if you’ll go with the trend, but if you feel good about it then go ahead, get that tan.

Sandra Oh: Cristina Yang in Our Hearts Forever

“Grey’s Anatomy,” the long-running popular ABC hospital drama, fans are sadly saying goodbye to Sandra Oh, who will be leaving the show when the 10th season ends. In fact, the actress, who has portrayed character Cristina Yang since the medical drama premiered in 2005, announced her decision to quit the show last August.

Before renewing her contract two years back, a sad and emotional Sandra Oh told reporters that though the show had become a fundamental and primary part of her life, she wanted to quit now and pursue other opportunities. “Creatively, I really feel like I gave it my all, and I feel ready to let her go,” she said.

Her decision to quit and move on left most fans in shock and will have a hard time imaging a show without a beloved and main character. Last August, the actress said, “It’s been a great privilege to play the character of Cristina Yang on GA and I am both sad and excited to see where this, her final season will take her.”

Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of “Grey’s Anatomy” announced that she will be very sad to see Sandra Oh leave the show, and that it will be forever changed without her there. I must say that I do agree. Cristina Yang has been a part of the Grey’s family for years, and it will be hard to watch the show without her in it.

Sandra tweeted to her followers and fans on her last day of shooting “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Starting the last day of shooting on Grey’s with my usual mug of tea. A little meditation and much gratitude,” adding, “I’ve been dreaming nonstop about Grey’s for the past few weeks.” “(Just) can’t believe it’s my last week here already.”

As the journey for Cristina ends, viewers and fans of “Grey’s” will see the return of Isaiah Washington, who plays Dr. Preston Burke. His character left Cristina at the altar in season three. According to Rhimes, “He gives her story that full-circle moment we need to properly say goodbye to our beloved Cristina Yang.”

As “Grey’s Anatomy” fans, we can expect her exit to be filled with drama and expectations. A character who has been on the show since the beginning cannot leave without some kind of mark of presence on the rest of the characters.

There is no word yet who might fill in for the actress on the next season or how the series will change without the doctor, but fans expect there will be something different. Whoever is assigned or wants to step up and be part of the show will have big shoes to fill as Sandra Oh is very talented. Sandra Oh has been nominated for an Emmy many times for her role as Dr. Cristina Yang, and has won a Golden Globe in 2006 for her role.

What do you make of Sandra Oh’s departure?